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Hello to everybody!

Who is this guy?

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow.

Rusty Edrada (click for more info)

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Coventry Health Care Links:

  • CVH Home

        Service Desk: 800-453-8780     SAS Support: 919-677-8008

        Licensed to Coventry Management Services LP, Site 0052861017 on the NET_ASRV platform.

        Licensed to First Health Group Corp, Site 0052861004 on the osf1 v5.1 platform. SAS 9.1 (TS1M3)

        San Diego: 800-247-2898     West Sacramento: 800-645-1511 or 800-621-6824

  • Rusty’s main info in Coventry    (fave docs)

        (employee handbook)

  • CVH Webmail
        Cvty Today
        Webapps sasad
  • CVH Careers     

    user name: Coventry     password: careers

  • CVH Stocks     
    message board: fic   

  • Stocks Index     
  • Service Requests
        MCPS Web Tool – test


  • Coventry service offerings
  • Kronos Time login ID: 24220 pw: Esc…+jan

    Leading Cap and trailing plus sign “+” and “jan” as of Apr 2010

  • ADP Paycheck login ID: re pw: Esc…+may Leading Cap, plus sign “+” and trailing may as of June 2010

  • Citrix Integration
        Metrics internal homepage
  • E616 Sharepoint

        Old E616 WCDW

        E652 Sharepoint

        AIX SAS Sharepoint

  • SAS Global Forum
        SGF online

  • SAS Macros
  • SAS Online Doc
        Language Reference

        SAS Procedures

  • SAS Samples
        SAS Tech Tips Archives
        Learning Center
        Learning Link 24220 Esc2

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  • Guide to SAS® Programming (samples)
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    MISSING Function

    Automatic Variable

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    SAS Base
    Date Formats


    OMIT Statement

    Report Procedure


    Time Functions

    Generating Reports

    LENGTH Function

    Link OBS

    DATA Step

    Data Type Conversion

    COMPRESS Function

    PROC Access

    PROC Dbload

    PROC Transpose

    More SAS® Programming Samples
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    Tips from around the globe

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    Coventry Corporate Site
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    Official Handbook
    Quick Handbook

    Employee Benefits
    Glossary of Terms

    Workers Compensation
    Coventry WorkComp Site
    Workers Comp Topics
    CSO Summit 2008
    Workers Comp 101

    Marketing and Sales
    Sales/Acct Mgmt Reports

    SAS E616 Intranet
    CVTY SAS Sharepoint

    E616 SAS Sharepoint

    Dec.Support Sharepoint

    SAS IT Sharepoint

    SAS SubTeam Doc
    Notes May 19, 2008

    Notes May 12, 2008

    Notes May 5, 2008

    Notes Apr 18, 2008

    WCDW Data Warehouse
    E616 WCDW Sharepoint

    WDEV Sharepoint

    Project Charter

    Notes Jul 11, 2008 Phase 2

    Notes Jun 20, 2008

    Notes Jun 13, 2008

    Notes Jun 6, 2008

    Notes May 30, 2008 Phase 1

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